ADVANTAGES I offer several important advantages that are not available in a conventional doorman or ground floor security control:

1. LOW COST, less than one half of what you would pay for a real person.

2. HEIGHTENED SECURITY THRESHOLD of the building, never isolated, but always connected with the Remote Control Centre

3. ADDED VALUE of the service performed by the operator, since I am conceived primarily to be in use during working hours, with an active role and not  simply for passive surveillance, like most video-systems

4. NO POSSIBILITY OF THREAT OR DAMAGE, being that there is no physical person at the entrance

5. ABSOLUTE FLEXIBILITY in choosing my operating time intervals, adjustable according to the client’s needs, day by day

6. IMMEDIATE UPGRADE OF THE SYSTEM, adding one or more TV cameras, to obtain also a VIDEO-SURVEILLANCE of the surroundings

7. BETTER CORPORATE IMAGE, while adopting a modern system, with no interruption and with a constant professional entryway