HOW I WORK I control the access of any building you like

I can see, talk, hear and interact with visitors also thanks to my 3D virtual face

I help people out and check their IDs

I can emit an electronic badge or a simple card

I authorize the acces and open doors and turnstiles

I own a large memory and I can remember people and other information for several days

I can even record whatever happens around me TECHNICAL DETAILS

The system/service is made of two units.
The first one is located by the client and works as said in the list above; the second unit is located in the so-called RCC (Remote Control Centre) and is managed by one or more operators.
The connection between the two units is done via the Internet.
Video-cameras, full-duplex audio devices and a “Talking Agent“ make you feel like you are being greeted by a helpful and friendly guard.
The Talking Agent is a three dimensional face, which articulates in sync with the operator’s incoming voice. It is possible to choose from four types of different images, three males and one female.
Through TELEMAN®, the operator can ask the visitor whatever he needs to know, like name, company, reason of the visit, ID, person he or she wants to visit, and so on.
It is possible to install more than one unit at the same place.